The Greatest Achievements Brought Forth By The Hellenes And The Persians

One of Herodotus’ purpose in writing the Historieswas to record and underlinethe legendary deeds done by both sides—the Hellenes and the Persians.This paper states thatin theHistories, Herodotus seemed to consider the most wonderful achievement done by the Hellenes was that they defeated the Persiansand preserved civilization and liberty, since, in the Histories, this achievement is portrayed in all aspects according to the Greeks’ ethic. The most wonderful achievement done by the Persians was that they established a empire with a uncompetably large scale of territory and a tremendous number of troops. However, the Persians represented barbarism and despotism, and their achievement was based on subjugating other civilizations, enslaving their people for satisfying the arrogant kings’ ambition. Therefore, their achievement did not measure up the Greek one.

-Wenkang Li