Livy, a native of Patavium (modern Padua) in Northern Italy, wrote a massive history of Rome in 142 books during the Augustan Period. Only 35 books of his account remain, but these provide a stimulating account of Rome’s earliest days, its struggles against Carthage in the Second Punic War, and its conquests in the Greek East. Our papers focus on books 1-5, which tell of Rome’s foundation, the rule of its seven kings, and the foundation of the Republic.


The Power of the Physical (Karissa Annis, 2018)

God, War, and Roman Nationalism (Nick Ziller, 2019)

Fighting and Praying the Roman Way (Riley LoCurto, 2019)

When War and Religion Meet (Megan Phillips, 2019)

Mothers, Wives, Sisters, and Priestesses: The Role of Women in a Predominantly Masculine Society (Elise Warren, 2020)

Women’s Impact on Early Roman History (Lydia Fantoni, 2020)