The Annals of Tacitus, written in the 110s AD during the reigns of Trajan and Hadrian, are a darkly critical look at the Julio-Claudians, Rome’s first dynasty of emperors. Our papers focus on his accounts of the reigns of Claudius (books 11-12) and Nero (books 13-16).


“Cutting Their Veins:” Suicide & Shame in Tacitus’s Annals (Gray Wood, 2018)

Fortitude, Honor, and Wisdom in Roman Emperors (Abby Holland, 2018)

Claudius and Nero and The Decline of Morality in Imperial Rome (Jordan Lombardo, 2019)

The Degeneration of Rome: The Decision-Making of Claudius and Nero (Anthony Irwin, 2019)

Reverence to Ruin: Cultic Fallacy in the Julio-Claudian Dynasty (Nikolas Clark, 2019)

Conceit, Manipulation, and the Rulers of Rome (Mary Katherine Bunn, 2019)

The Role of the Senate During the Reigns of Claudius and Nero: as Seen by Tacitus (Olivia Wyatt, 2020)

The Head of the Snake: Tacitus’ Indictments Against Unjust Rulers (Sammy Sawyer, 2020)